The Spi(der) Who Loved Me

All Guts, No Glory ~ A Terrible Morning for the Spi(der) Who Loved Me…..

When I first saw you, I admit you caught me off guard. While your eight eyes were captivating, deep down I knew I couldn’t trust you. “Just stay there, in your corner,” I said. And you seemed to agree, because you stayed there.

For three days, I knew you only as the dark and dangerous lone wolf, with no family and no friends (at least none that wanted to be seen with you). But in the eerie, early morning of today you broke the terms of our courtship, and you most certainly did NOT stay put. You might have thought that you were dancing across my heart, but really, you were tiptoeing across my forehead, which freaked me out.

So, from a sound sleep, I woke and instinctively smacked at my forehead in the dark…just once, and Splatttt!! As I jumped out of bed, you fell to the floor, deader than dead. “What were you thinking?!” I yelled, but got no answer.

It should have been such a simple affair. But, after your demise, confusion set in and I wondered what this was really all about.

It was so very hard to go back to sleep. But, when I awoke today, I felt like I needed to tell you…I’m not sorry.

And I’m over it.

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